The transport, logistics and leisure sectors are growing constantly year after year. They require advanced technologies in order to offer innovative services and solve problems which are increasingly international in nature. The overriding goal is to maintain our current stance in the face strong competition. These new objectives are accompanied by existing security and regulation objectives, in the current context of rising traffic. In order to respond to these new requirements, mastering complex activity-specific systems is a substantial challenge and a vital factor towards success.

Having supported the major players in the transport sector for more than 15 years now, Astek has become one of the go_to service providers. Each day, we contribute our expertise to the services of major businesses which are involved in an constantly evolving market-place. In this way we help them boost their profitability and maximize their competitive edge.

Our areas of excellence

Astek offers a wide range of services designed to deal with the main problems encountered in the transport industry:

- The production of traffic supervision tools,

- The design and deployment of computer assisted ticketing and payment management applications,

- The design theoretical / real timetable definition and management applications,

- Rota management for drivers ans vehicules,

- The design of ticket price calculation systems,

- The development and maintenance of booking website platforms for airline or travel agencies,

- The development and certification of e-commerce websites,

- The management of in-flight technical documentation and airport documentation etc.,

- The development of booking systems, customer standards and loyalty programmes,

- The design and development of transport systems (data acquisition, verification procedures, vehicle flow management, traceability, mobile terminals, etc).

- The development of embedded applications for PDAs, to assist operators


The group has assisted the SNCF (French Railways) in a major project: equipping its 11,000 inspectors with a state-of-the-art mobile terminal enabling them to inspect tickets, issue fines, provide information to travellers and send activity reports, etc.

Supporting major structural transformations

The similarity between these sectors is one of the factors behind the major wave of mergers and acquisitions seen in Europe. This harmonisation is resulting in the creation of a number of extremely large international programmes, encouraging the rationalisation of costs and the pooling of resources and skills.

Benefiting from its expertise in engineering and in scientific and technical IT, the group has participated in several key programmes. Having accredited defence clearance, Astek is involved in all kinds of strategic projects such as the Ariane 5, the M51, the Rafale or the various information and command systems, etc.

Our areas of excellence

- Civil Aviation (A380 / Boeing 787 / Falcon 7X, aircraft information systems, computers, inertial navigation, electrical braking systems ...)

- Military aviation and defense equipment (mission preparation systems, command, control and information systems, tactical drones, firing system software, flight simulators, navigation systems, testing systems for missiles, military telecommunications systems ...)

- Space industry (Ariane 5, M51, launchers, ATVs, embedded systems, communication modules, flight programs ...)

A technology-driven sector

The automotive sector is a large consumer of innovative technologies. Covering areas such as safety, comfort, motorization and  environmental impact, technology occupies an increasingly important position in vehicles and have become a major selling point.
To help its clients with increasing innovation rates and reducing time-to-market deadlines, Astek is involved in all stages of a project’s life cycle. In order to support technology transfers or innovation developpement, Astek provides its clients with top-level teams whose expertise is widely recognised by the largest vehicle and equipment manufacturers.

Our areas of excellence

- Engine Control (injection systems, gearboxes, Camless, Diesel, petrol, natural gas, CNG, Liquefied Petroleum Gas, Hybrid engines)
- Diagnostics (diagnostic software, sensors and meters, expertise and diagnostic support, vehicle assessments ...)
- Cockpit and safety (displays, multimedia, telematics, cockpit control units, air bags)
- Energy Management (voltage convertors, battery chargers, hybrid systems ...)


Working with an automotive equipment manufacturer, the group is participating in the development of a new generation of petrol engine control systems. Including design, development, validation and the management of Offshore teams, this project is being executed in cooperation with the division’s various operational sections (hardware, development, systems, etc).

A market recently opened to competition

The deregulation of the energy market and the separation of the production, transport and distribution activities have presented operators in this sector with a number of new problems. It is now necessary to be able to manage the instability of raw material prices, fluctuations in oil demand and the growing requirement for environment awareness expressed by citizens. All of these factors are leading the key players in this sector to develop new sales solutions aimed at building customer loyalty and conquering new markets.
Faced with all of these challenges, Astek supports its clients from the definition of supply strategies through to the implementation of marketing solutions or the adaptation of information systems to deal with the new challenges posed by competition. Our thorough understanding of the operational needs and processes of our clients enables us to contribute effectively in the following segments: fossil fuels, nuclear energy and renewable energy.

Our areas of excellence

- Adaptation of processes and infrastructure

- Reliability of refinery equipment

- Simulation of refining processes

- Analysis of resource availability and production capacity

- Reporting and assistance with the management of HSE (Health Safety Environment)

- Physically balancing out gas flows

- Separation of distribution and sales activities

- Incorporating changes in regulation

- Economic analysis of gas distribution ...


Concerning its new national energy-saving targets, Astek is supporting one of the leading French energy producers with the introduction of an energy-economy certificate management system. The group is designing, producing, implementing, maintaining and hosting this system which is produced using a .net environment.

A complex and fast-moving technical environment

The telecommunications sector is a constantly changing one. Competition between the major players in this sector has generated an innovation race. This competitive environment is leading operators and manufacturers to constantly develop new products and services in ever shorter development cycles.

In such an environment, Astek can provide clients with flexibility, responsiveness and productivity. Whether in areas such as R&D or Information Systems, the group will provide you with high-performance solutions to all of the specific problems encountered in this sector. The group’s extensive know-how guarantees you:

- The choice of well adapted methodologies,
- Thorough understanding of the challenges present,
- And high-performance productivity-enhancing solutions.

Our areas of excellence
- Mobile Telephony: GSM, GPRS, UMTS, EDGE, Bluetooth, WiFi ...
- Networks: ADSL, xDSL, VoIP, intelligent networks, service platforms ...
- Operational fields: CRM, Billing, mediation, payments and distributors, supervision, IVR, Selfcare, e-business ...

During the national launch of the iPad, the group supported SFR’s Web Factory with the launch of the first mass-market iPad 3G+ portal. This service made it possible to successfully complete the commercial launch of the website for iPad customers.


National concentration and international ambitions

With the financial crisis of 2008, the quality of the French banking model based on the notion of the "universal bank" was highlighted. The distribution/production model and the multichannel approach improve customer relations, making it possible to propose more products and services. Although during the last decade the multichannel model had been seen as providing the possibility to target several types of clients in different channels, these must today be viewed as simply different facets of the same client. This approach is being underpinned by a review of the major task-based processes, leading to greater use of information technology. IT should today genuinely serve these activities rather than imposing its constraints upon them. The goal is to optimise costs through the use of subcontracting, subject to industrial processes and the pooling of development work.

With more than 250 specialists in this field, Astek has enjoyed balanced growth throughout the Insurance, Retail Banking and Investment Banking/Finance sectors. In order to support them in their ongoing quest for performance, the group proposes a positioning policy unique of its kind in these markets: operational consulting, project managership assistance carried out by specialised consultants, and project managership implemented by engineers fully familiar with the specific characteristics of these industries. Astek is able to offer a committed and highly effective consultancy package.

Our areas of excellence
- Shares and securities (SI market activities, Front Office / Middle Office / Back Office, E-Markets ...)
- Payment methods and monetics
- Account management
- General insurance ...

For each of these fields, Astek offers "end-to-end" service proposals, from operational expertise through to development.

Astek is supporting the Société Générale CIB during the upgrade of its information system and the transformation of its contractualisation practices. The group’s track record in project work combined with our knowledge of the Finance industry has enabled us to propose innovative solutions and to assemble several teams (work managership, project managership or functional approval assistance). One of these teams, comprising eight people is involved among other things in upgrading the information system for raw materials and the booking of deals through to confirmation.


The challenges of competitiveness and quality

The health and pharmaceuticals industries are undergoing significant change in order to meet the goals of improving the quality of treatment while also controlling costs. The different participants in these sectors are often subject to major constraints due to the need for competitiveness, profitability, improved services, the observance of rapidly changing regulations and the need to guarantee the necessary technological responsiveness to develop new medical equipment and analyses.

To successfully face these challenges, you require comprehensive solutions and diversified services. Benefiting from its 20 years’ technological experience and a thorough knowledge of your fields, Astek has become a leading partner to the medical sector.

Our areas of excellence
- Analysis systems (haemostasis automatons, blood glucose monitor, haematology automatons, immunology automatons, biochemistry automatons, scanners / MRI / imaging, diagnostic instrumentation)
- Laboratory management systems (laboratory management software, connecting PLCs, hospital information systems, hospital software, computerised patient files, scientific software, data archiving software)
- Information and organisation systems (strategy and organisation, customer relationship management, management of administrative and financial activities, management of production equipment within the logistics chain, distribution circuits, Human Resources management)

Within the software R&D department of the world leader for blood analyses, the group is involved in the entire development cycle for embedded software mounted in automatic analysis devices.

A sector undergoing e-transformation

For several years now, the public sector has been subject to unprecedented change. Both citizens and companies today demand increasingly responsive, accessible and effective public services. European authorities are faced with a number of major objectives including improving the fluidity of data flows and modernising data management. Faced with these heightened requirements, profound changes (particularly of a structural and methodological nature) are essential. To take up these challenges, the public sector requires new, complex and tailored information systems.

Astek is supporting the transformation and modernisation programmes underway in the public sector by proposing a qualified approach in numerous areas. To do so, the group possesses all the experience and know-how required to offer you secure and high-performance solutions, while supporting your staff during these major changes.

Our areas of excellence
- Access to and availability of information (unified portals, user-friendliness, data volume, operational tests, load and performance tests ...)
- Accounting and financial management (information centre, data extraction and processing, data warehouse ...)
- Transformation and optimisation processes (management control, HRMS, operations (pensions, tax, employment, health and the environment))
- Urbanization (BPM / SOA)
- Governance (CMMI, ITIL, measurements with the aid of function points)

During the modernisation of its information system, the group supported the Direction Générale des Finances Publiques (Public Finance Department) with the introduction of online tax declarations aimed at improving and simplifying the relationship with its user-taxpayers.