Sustainable development

Astek is committed to sustainable development and has signed up to the Global Compact

Sustainable development is not limited to environmental issues. Respect for human rights or the fight against corruption are also key factors in ensuring controlled and sustainable development. Each one of us, at their own particular level, can contribute to the development of these values either as a citizen, a worker or as a company.

Astek is a firm believer in the civic responsibility of companies as well as the growing importance of sustainable development as part of our commercial relationships. Consequently, on May 31, 2005 we signed the declaration of support to the principles enshrined in the Global Compact. Since then, we fully integrate these principles in our strategies, our corporate culture and our operating methods.

Astek in action!

As a community-minded responsible company, Astek is wants actively improveits social, economic and ecological environment. This commitment was officialised throught our support of the Global Compact, and has been honoured every day for over seven years. Every year, we orient our efforts towards following and creating concrete practises linked to sustainable development so as to limit our environmental impact.  Among our most recent ecological and community driven initiatives are the following:

Environmental protection: Each year, Astek introduces firm measures intended to reduce its impact on the environment. In 2010, Astek introduced an ecological and community-minded initiative: the selective sorting of its waste. To do so, the group enlisted the services of a natural resource preservation company which encourages the integration of disabled workers (a particularly vulnerable population group) within the labour market. Employing a company of this type for the recycling of our waste enables us to go one step further than simply protecting the planet. Our view of sustainable development is one which also encompasses fairness and hospitality..

The principle of non-discrimination in recruitment: The group ensures that only the skill and personality of an applicant are taken into account during the recruitment process. The group proudly displays this commitment through its "pro-diversity" logo which accompanies its advertisements on recruitment websites.