Technical and scientific engineering

Astek supports some of the biggest names in the industrial, aeronautical and defence sectors on their perpetual pursuit of excellence and  high productivity. Our expertise in engineering and in scientific and technical IT ensures that the group is a highly valued partner of its clients’ Research, Design and Development departments. By managing complex projects throughout all stages of their life cycle, our know-how and multidisciplinary positioning guarantee you a perfect understanding of the challenges you face and the optimal conditions required for the successful completion of your projects.

Our expertise covers the following fields:

Software development

- Real Time computing, Embedded systems (VxWorks, C, DSP, etc.)

- Object-oriented technologies (UML, C++, Java, etc.), HMI, Algorithmics

- Architecture definition, design methodology, etc.

- Configuration Management, Automation tools (testing / integration / validation)

Scientific calculations, Digital simulations

- Numerical simulations: fluid and structural mechanics, etc.

- Scientific calculations: Computation codes, Specific development work, etc.

- Electronics

- Design and production of electrical subassemblies

- Optical electronics

- Testing and measurements, RF, signal processing

Product control

- Quality and certification (CMMI, ISO, EN, DO 178,  SIL)

- Requirements management, Change Management


- Management and analysis software, integration, maintenance, etc.