A message from our General Manager

Bold solutions to guarantee customer satisfaction!

Since it was founded in 1988, Astek has always shown itself ready to "think outside the box" with the goal of serving its clients, finding the very best solutions, expanding, and deriving a genuine pleasure from the challenges it takes up. This determined company culture underpins three of the group's five founding values: boldness, customer satisfaction and commitment. Two other key values are also hardwired into the company's DNA: technology and human capital.

Technology, because innovation is today vital to companies seeking to become and remain competitive. These companies today attach greater importance to technology where innovation is concerned and devote an increasing part of their investments to it. They require innovative, agile service providers to help them get the most from the latest technical progress.

Human Capital because in order to serve companies by creating value for them, you need to have the very best skills available. Astek has succeeded in constantly attracting emerging talents and guiding them towards excellence.

The challenges facing us today are threefold: combining service with industrialization requirements, supporting our clients wherever they may be, and conquering emerging or highly competitive markets through the success of projects produced using a flexible and agile methodology offering a fast return on investment.

We meet these objectives while at the same time maintaining a close personal relationship with our clients. This is vital in order to provide them with the skills, experience, creativity and tailored organisation they require. It means guaranteeing a local service (with 18 sites in France), an extensive offshore production capacity (6 sites) and international expansion in 11 countries (the UK, Poland, Switzerland, Spain, Tunisia, China, Brazil, Mexico, Vietnam, Mauritius and Brazil).
We achieve this with a constant commitment to improving our geographical position and our presence in the various business sectors (29% Transport, 20% Telecommunications, 15% Defence/Aeronautical/Space, 15% Industry & Services, 10% Banking & Insurance, 6% Energy and 5% the Public Sector) with a full range of associated services and technologies (web activities and back office applications, CRM, BI, collaborative services, embedded systems and digital simulations, etc).

Astek is a group with more than 3,000 staff throughout the world and a turnover of more than €200 million. By 2012 we expect to have more than 4,000 staff in 15 countries, a turnover of €300 million and to be a key, long-term partner for major accounts deploying innovative IT projects.

François Phulpin, General Manager